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Social Media Marketing.
Social media marketing involves many moving parts. It is complex and you need to understand the various social networks and social media marketing tools that allow you to leverage your efforts. Questions need to be asked such as which ones are you going to focus on? Then there is the range of tactics to achieve the right goals. Then you need to design the creative and the content for those.
Our social  Media optimization (SMO) core services include: Social Media Consultancy, Social Media Optimization, Social Media Intelligence, Keyword Research / Strategy and Activity Report.
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Social Media Marketing

The social media revolution has transformed the way businesses market their products and services. Engaging posts, events and giveaways go a long way in creating brand repute, brand value and positioning the brand as an authority and creating a loyal fan following. Through adroit social media marketing, we perfect campaigns to unleash your brand on the social networks and create a “buzz” around it.

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Social Media Optimization

The social media is a fabulous platform to target the correct demography of potential customers. Regular, engaging posts and informative content can create an authoritative image of the business and garner followers. Through social consultancy, brand management, monitoring, social PR, community building and management and cross channel promotions, Prateek provides comprehensive solutions to optimize the worth of your presence on the social network.

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Social Media Intelligence

Businesses require collective tools and solutions that allow them to monitor social channels and conversations, respond to social signals and synthesize social data points into meaningful trends and analysis based on the user's needs to truly obtain the value of their social network. Social media intelligence allows organizations to collect intelligence from social media sites, using both intrusive and non-intrusive means, from open and closed social networks.

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Social Media Consultancy

We enlist an integrated approach to provide our clients with a strategy and structure to govern the everyday activities of their social efforts and connect it with ROI, ensuring that their stated corporate objectives are met. We give you the power to better leverage and strategically utilize social media for meeting your various business objectives; including marketing, sales, business development, customer service, reputation management, and crisis management.

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Activity Reports

We provide a detailed report of your SMM performance evaluation, as well as data about your reach, top referring keywords and a full explanation of your post activity.

Our social media marketing services comprise

Virtual Marketing

1.Drive traffic and online brand exposure with virtual marketing and get more audience response on social media networks.

Facebook Page Management

1. To attract the Facebook audience and grow their number rapidly, we provide an exclusive Facebook page management service.

Twitter Account Management

3. This critical but crucial task is being handled to grasp Twitter users’ attention who are actively available over them.

Improve Site Conversion

4. Video Optimization This process includes the execution of varied technology used generally by the mobile service providers for improving the viewing experience.

Social Media Audit

5. For social media audit execution, we hold a team of ardent SEO experts to audit, evaluate and rise brand awareness.

LinkedIn Profile Creation & Management

6. The complete LinkedIn profile is created by the professional writer & managed by the experienced professionals using branding strategy.

Community Participation

7. Participating in this approach is beneficial to attain the ensured meaning engagement with the communities at International level.

Social Bookmarking

8. We do effective bookmarking management and allow the respective client to edit, share, add and annotate bookmarks.

YouTube Channel Creation & Management

9. We implementing the essential YouTube channel building and management tips help you reach out to more fans.

Why Choose us?

Increase Brand Awareness: It is true that a majority of people are using social media sites like YouTube, Twitter or Facebook. We use these networks to establish your brand as well as increase its awareness among potential customers.
Team: It is the individuals, which makes the difference. At TOP SMO, we currently have  Internet Marketing Experts working in different capacities as Group Project Manager, Social  media optimizer  , PPC Management, Social Experts, Content Writers, Programmers and Quality Experts, all working in unison with a single objective of providing high customer satisfaction and results.
Spy On Competitors: Our social media marketers follow your competitors on Facebook & Twitter. This makes it possible to know their best deals and in turn help you come up with a better deal as compared to your competitors.
Better Customer  Service : Our social media marketing services will definitely strengthen the customer satisfaction as these networks enable your company to respond to the questions & concerns of customers directly.
Interactive Display of Products: Most of the people appear at social media websites to get personal. We present the products and put related questions in a way that the customers find it a fun way to discuss the products and your business too.
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For more information on our web SMO company, call us at +91 753-700-0775 or via email at admin@e3digital.in